Magazine publishers consider strategies for the improvement protection law

Magazine publishers consider strategies for the improvement protection law

Magazine publishers losing the application of the new improvement protection right for journalistic content in the network. "Every company must consider what strategy is pursuing the implementation of the right", said the vice presenter of the association of german magazine court (vdz), philipp welte, the german press agency. On monday, a larger part of the copyright reform in germany enters into force. The amendment also includes a new performance right for journalistic contents of publishers who are on external internet platforms. Worlds, which is also the board at the media group hubert burda media, calculates that "very soon" a system for the application of the law will arise.

"A real market for content"

"So far, the platforms were able to use the journalistic contents of the publishers for free. Now, on the basis of the eu copyright law implemented in german law, a real market will form for content", said world, which is also chairman of the vdz fachverband’s audience magazines. "In combination with the competition right amended in early 2021, all publishers will finally have a real chance to negotiate with the dominant megaplatt forms on a fair participation in the reminder that they do with journalistic content."

For further time horizon, it strolled: "in the next few months, it will crystallize whether publishers are negotiating directly with facebook and google or whether they are about collecting societies." worlds stressed publishers will now ask questions as "what does a content cost?". There must be a tariff system for recovery together with licensing. The vdz-viceprasident said existing collecting societies had already developed models in recent years.

Regulate monopolies, enforce new copyright

Worlds also demanded the eu level that german law can also access the digital market in the art eu strategy. Currently, fundamental market rules for the digital world are being developed in brussel – among others in digital markets act. "It must be ensured that german improper protection law can also be enforced in the art european legal organization." however, the present draft of the digital markets act should be liable, which could have negative consequences for the application of the performance right.

"Because eu law was replaced national law", stressed worlds. "The "digital markets act" of the eu may not be liable behind german competition law. Otherwise he protects the monopolies instead of regulating them, and also levered the new copyright again."

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