On the gender ticket to the part-time paradise

On the gender ticket to part-time paradise

Surprising result of the workshop: 78% of the municipal managers recommend "part-time work". 11 percent advise "neither nor". What this is, however, is not explained.

The city of munich employs 555 part-time workers, telepolis has spoken one of them

Thursday, 9:15 a.M., call to the press spokeswoman of the personnel department of the city of munich, ms. Isolde schwarz-krieger. Answering machine. Too bad, because i wanted to ask her about a report that personnel officer dr. Thomas bohle gave to the city council one day earlier. The suddeutsche had with the headline "a break from being boss" in the local section my interest in this report about the success of part-time work for managers in the administration aroused.

I call in the office of dr. I call the answering machine and am told by a friendly woman that core working hours do not start until 9:30 a.M. When will it end, i ask?. "I am not allowed to tell you. You should ask our press officer." already at 9:35 a.M., the press spokeswoman calls me back. At 3 p.M. The core working hours end, she may tell me. I calculate: five hours 25 minutes core working time minus the lunch break of one hour. That makes four hours 25 minutes.

Impressive study result: better work-life balance

Part-time work, according to an often-cited prejudice, leads to poor results, especially for managers. Not so in the administration of the bavarian state capital. There, 555 executives are already working part-time for the common good, 238 with less than 30 hours per week.

The innovative pioneers of this type of employment report from a workshop held by the human resources department in munich that their efficiency has improved significantly "work-life balance". 71 percent are now better able to reconcile work and family life. Also, they praise, there was no "either-or between driving and other commitments". Longer recovery periods, according to the participants in the study, lead to greater efficiency. And further training becomes easier. 80 percent of these innovative trailblazers are women.

Quote from a participant in the study: "you get more out of life." tasks could now be performed better after "competence and inclination" be divided up. One participating manager cited as an advantage of part-time work the fact that one no longer has to be sick on workdays, but can take the sickness off on a relaxed basis "days off" to be able to live out.

Those affected were also asked about disadvantages. Thereby the "longer training period" for part-time work lacks. One also has less time for "collegial contacts". Special argernis for city hall part-time bosses: "full-time part-time work = exploitation/self-exploitation".

The most important result of the workshop for the implementation of even more part-time work is under the item "organization" only one categorical imperative: "adjust task volume to working time."

Organized underperformance with high philosophical consecration

To ensure that the noble part-time work of highly paid ladies is not tarnished too much by trivial motives such as leisure, further education and recreation, personnel chief dr. Bohle has hired a gender philosopher as an expert. Dr. Phil. Michael hirsch therefore presents a well-founded and very convincing argument for the socio-philosophical necessity of part-time work, especially for female executives.

It means nothing less than the "regaining the political as well as the cultural sovereignty of the society" (quote) against the primacy of the economy. The high goal of part-time work for women is to win back political power. Hirsch, who describes himself as a "representative professor" designated: "it is the reclamation of the political and cultural freedom in the society."

In his view, the demand for childcare services, for example, would be, "androcentric" (hirsch) increase of female gainful employment now sees gender philosopher hirsch as the "colonization" and "commercialization" of the living world. Therefore, according to hirsch, female working hours should not be extended, but male working hours should be shortened. Whoever has dealt with the reasons for an unconditional basic income, or at least for a gratuitous conditional income, will find these sounds familiar.

As a motto dr. Hirsch provides a quote from andre gorz: "work less, so that all can work and live better." at least his three-page text is not under suspicion of self-exploitative "androcentric" revision. And it can be taken for granted that, thanks to the study, the managers thus ennobled will now be able to work and live even better, true to gorz.

On the gender ticket to part-time paradise

Munich: it’s all a matter of perspective, image: editor

The work of others

As a rule, it is the case with work that the less work of one is the more work of the other. However, many industrial executives have the status "at", thus employed above the pay scale. This means that – in contrast to employees covered by collective bargaining agreements – they often do not have fixed weekly working hours – and thus cannot be expected to work part time.

According to a study by the german institute for economic research (diw), 30 percent of the 4 million managers employed in the private sector in 2010 were women. That these women, in munich of all places, where they usually have to pay 75 percent of their income in taxes, social security contributions, verdi fees, kindergarten fees, radio fees, mvg job tickets, rent and electricity, where they compete for the job with highly motivated and qualified men, that these hardworking heroines of the meritocracy see the part-time pleasures of their gender comrades in the service of the city as a revolutionary expression of the reclamation of freedom and sovereignty of working life, is probably rather improbable.

10.Munich’s city council has approved a budget of € 000 for brochures to spread the word about the success of part-time executives.

Exemplary, according to dr. Bohle, be munich in this question. Pioneer of innovation. Bohle, of all people, had the same success stories together with a brochure ("part-time work – current information") exactly 10 years ago already produced. In a question by councilmen guido gast and robert brannekamper on 30.10.2003, which was the title link to ./40124_1.Pdf, bohle was asked to provide information on, among other things, the distribution of part-time jobs in the grades.

Indeed, as early as 2003, 15.1% of city government executives worked part-time. For people who have spent their lives as self-employed or salaried employees in those parts of the economy where there is still something like "market" or "competition", at least "performance" and "quality" applies, the difference between full-time and part-time in munich’s city administration may not be considered very significant.

Besides the twenty-year construction site "middle ring", the city of the future is in a state of despair, with motorists despairing every day, with the desolate suburban and regional trains, whose supervisory board chairman is mayor ude, and the state capital is not even in a position (we are all greeks) to meet the 1.To build 800 social housing units per year.

The fact that the majority of the ladies and gentlemen of the administration have been working part-time for decades is not news to munich residents. However, it is a new insight that part-time work for bosses is a way to regain the cultural and political freedom of society against a merciless androcentric full-time drudge economy. Some people thought they knew that it was not only in business and administration that bosses have always made their living at the expense of society.

"My life is not just about work"

Telepolis spoke with dr. Ruth machler, manager in the human resources development department of the city of munich. Ms. Machler was proposed by the press officer of the human resources department of the city of munich as a testimonial for the long-term experience of part-time work of executives.

Born in 1968, the sociologist, who earned her doctorate in bamberg with a dissertation on family research, was already working in the planning department as a manager in a department with 14 employees, from the beginning only 25 hours a week. So far she has only worked as a part-time manager. As a participant of the workshop and the hearing in the city council, she also listened to the very readable lecture of the gender philosopher dr. Hirsch. Michael hirsch.

Dr. Hirsch has called part-time work for executives a reclamation of sovereignty against the primacy of the economy. Ruth machler: i found mr. Hirsch’s lecture very good. I feel the same way. I have a demanding job, but my life is not only work. I wish our society would develop in this direction. How many hours do you work? Ruth machler: 20 hours. How much do you earn? Ruth machler: this is a very personal question. I earn enough to live well. My husband also has a part-time job with 20 hours. This is a luxury that not everyone has. I am aware that i am in a privileged position socially. This is not possible for everyone. For whom do you think you are providing your service? Ruth machler: for the citizens of the city of munich. I do it in the second row. I make sure that the employees perform well. We are aware of the fact that we work with tax money and therefore have to be frugal. Who does the other 20 hours? Ruth machler: that was not a full position. My service is organized in such a way that the tasks can be completed in 20 hours. In the study it was also said as a recommendation: "match volume of tasks to working hours." ruth machler: exactly. Either share a position, or organize the scope of duties from the outset to fit a part-time position. Mrs. Dr. Machler, thank you very much for the interview! (alexander dill)

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