Patchday android: critical system and qualcomm-lick closed

Patchday Android: Critical System and Qualcomm-Lick Closed

If you have an android smartphone or tablet, you should check the patch level in the settings. Current security updates shuffle in the operating system.

How to remove from a warning message, google has secured versions of android 8.1, 9, 10 and 11 published. If the patch level 2021-06-01 is displayed in the settings, the system is up to date. The term 2021-06-05 says, which are installed in addition to the current security updates all the ages.

Critical vulnerabilities

At the most dangeriest are two as "critical" looking lawy (cve-2021-0507, cve-2021-0516) in the system. Here a distant attacker was able to export shadcodes described by a non-closely described predecessed transmission.

Three vulnerabilities in unnamed qualcomm components are also as "critical" classy. What effects have successful attacks have so far unknown.

Also vulnerable

Further lobby relate to android runtime, framework, kernel components, media framework, mediatek components and system. The outgoing danger of this look is with "high" classy. After successful attacks, attackers were able to deal with security mechanisms and shadeable exports.

Google ares that the source code of the security patches is ready to be available promptly in the android open source project (aosp). In addition to google, other manufacturers of android advantages such as samsung and sony monthly security updates are available for download (see box right).

Even though the update situation has improved in recent years, only a fraction of the rates updates gets. This is particularly dangerous when attackers exploit safely in may security.

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