You have to be lucky

Youtube and co. – our weekly telepolis video review

You have to be lucky

It’s all about the right exit. And how to do it perfectly is shown in this video with which we open the weekend today. And fresh it has become – at least in northern germany. But christmas is just around the corner anyway, and this song fits the bill. But with all anticipation: shit happens. And there you can be glad if you have so much luck like this contemporary. Responsible for this bizarre incident was probably a storm. And sometimes not even a shopping mall offers protection from bad weather. But we still do without snow and ice videos today.

It is well known that the japanese are crazy. Also their preference for vending machines is somehow strange. 5.6 million of them are said to exist in japan. An unimaginably high number. But also the enthusiasm for batman in the west sometimes carries bizarre consequences, as this london example shows. And batman fans will surely like this video.

Schwein muss man haben

Zeit fur die lesertipps. This week’s recommendations include a musical east frisian, the ukulele orchestra of great britain, a dog flusterer and news from the science busters, who, by the way, will be on stage on the 20th of this month.9. And 3.11. Are guesting in munich. Now for two encounters of the unusual kind, both of which happened in california: whale 1 and whale 2.

And now we start our fast forward. It starts with a bit of science. What follows are ddr commercials, a now unloved video from hanover, the groucho marx show, threats in movies, a ticklish penguin, boredshortstv, cock tales, vegan cuisine, a gymnastics performance, cheerful science once again, a mini bike, unbirthday. And the final point is a good dog.

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