Safety company: advertising sdk ensures click-fraud in iphone apps

Safety company: Advertising SDK ensures click-fraud in iPhone apps

In a good 1200 ios apps, according to an analysis "bosy code", which is introduced by the sdk of an advertising company. The ios version of the sdk’s chinese company mintgral has been with code for a good year of code, with which click fraud carried out to carry out the activities of the app user by recording all url-based inquiries less, the safe snyk security company writes – also sensitive data be transmitted.

Sdk allegedly takes url inquiries

The sdk should be able to intercept any url request within the app and use this for the purpose of clicking on clicks on the advertising banners delivered by other sdks, it is called in the analysis of snyk – thus clawing the competitor’s advertising revenue. Advertising apps often integrate sdks of various advertising providers.

The advertising sdk at the same time stores all url retrieval within the app and transfer them to the own server with additional information such as the advertising id (idfa) of the gerate – a unique id that ios for apps provides. It is unclear what happens with these possibly sensitive data on the servers of the provider. Mintegral attempts at the same time to disguise the behavior through various techniques, snyk writes, the sdk "observed" – for example, by a debugger or in the ios simulator – it switches off the vicious behavior. This could also help that apps with the integrated sdk appear to come through apple’s proubling process in the app store, so security company.

Apple works on own iphone modem

Apple works on own iPhone modem

Apple wants to build another core component of the iphone itself: on an internal event before employees, the hardware technology chief johny srouji responsible for the chip development has confirmed that the development of an on-site mobile radio modem has begun. The step has been expected for apple’s billions of intel’s fashion division.

You have this year "the development of the first internal mobile modem" begen, srouji is from the economic news agency bloomberg quoted. A separate modem allows another "decisive strategic transition", such investments were through in the long term "technical innovations" pay off.

Apple has intel’s modem

The top manager referred to the use of intel’s modem company in 2019, the step had helped apple to build a team of hardware and software specialists for the own development of a mobile radio modem. First radio chips are already developing apple itself, including the w chip series in the apple watch for wlan and bluetooth connections, as well as the ultra-wide band chip u1.

Containervirtation on arm macs: docker desktop now available

Containervirtation on Arm Macs: Docker Desktop now available

After a long beta phase, docker is in a first final catch for new macs with arm-based apple processors. Docker desktop for mac will be in version 3.3.1 as a single catch for intel macs and macs with apple chips available for download.

A now also on m1-macs voting version of containervirtation range developers more selection options for their local development environments and expand the development pipeline for arm-based programs, such as docker notified.

Coarse interest in docker for arm macs

It has given gross demand for a docker version for macs with apple chips, it is called by the manufacturer. No function on the public roadmap has so far experienced such a lot of approval. Since december, developers have been able to test the first versions of docker on arm macs, there have been a lot of feedback and bug reports. So far, apple macbook air, mac mini and the macbook pro offers 13" with own m1 chips.

Magsafe danger for pacemakers: apple calls safety distance

Apple has published a long support document where the group warns of various apple products of various apple products for trager of pacemakers (hsm) and defibrillators. In it, all the gates are listed in which magnets are stuck, which could potentially affect medical technology negatively. Not only products are called with the new magnetic charging standard magsafe furs iphone, but also hardware with inductive charging as well as macs in which magnets for the display closure can be found.

15 centimeters minimum distance

In addition to the listed products, there are other apple hardware containing magnets; at these is "unlikely that it comes to influence". It is still advisable, the area "product safety" consult in the respective manual. The products that apple should take place, according to the group, more than 15 centimeters of medical data are kept unfested – even 30 centimeters in the inductive loading. To specific instructions one should contact his doctor or the manufacturer of the medical council.

Distance must be held according to apple from airpods and loading (whether with inductive loading or without), where all models – ie airpods, airpods pro and airpods max velvet smart case – are called here. The apple watch velvet here also requires magnets as well as the wireless loading boathor demands distance, which could be relatively heavy depending on where the arm is located.

Ios 15: apple secures clipboard better

IOS 15: Apple secures clipboard better

Apple introduces a new feature in ios 15, which should prevent the unavoidable clipboard by apps. The so-called secure paste ("safe insert") returns the contents of the clipboard until a user is indispensable – not already when a new app is called only.

Developers have to be active

Currently there is only one warning function in ios 14 as soon as an app get access to the clipboard. However, the actual transfer is not prevented. This has, among other things, that users realized that numerous apps access the clipboard without that that really makes sense; there are now even user actions in the us for privacy.

With ios 15 thirst developer now lated secure paste. It must be explicitly implemented by the developer in his app, but has a central advantage that was allowed to accelerate this: is safe insert available, there is no alarm of the operating system anymore that an app from another app is something "engraved" has (which usually means that an app the clipboard tap).

Apple bought israeli start-up for foto-ki

Apple bought Israeli start-up for foto-ki

Apple has secretly acquired another start-up – and apparently already integrated its technique in ios or ipados components. At the company, it should have been an israeli company, which was also found in so-called stealth mode, so it was not yet in appearance. The young basic hort on the name camerai ltd. And has specialized in ki functions for video and photo recordings. According to the israeli newsservice calcalist apple reached for one and a half years ago.

Technology of important part of ios and ipados

The suppure, which officially has officially confirmed apple or camerai, should have cost several ten million us dollars. Camerai employees are now busy in apple’s computer vision team. There, the group is also working on image recognition procedures for his augmented reality and video applications. Allegedly, the technique developed by camerai is now one "significant part of the apple camera". Camerai was grounded in 2014, but worried little money.

A total of three million dollars are allegedly passed on risk capital. Most of the money was taken in 2017 – 2.5 million. Such sums are for technology start-ups peanuts, but also mean that the purchase by apple was very lucrative, because the land probably held even greater shares. Camerai was headquartered in tel aviv and served 13 employees. Most of these are now moved to apple’s buro in herzliya.