New dynamics – visually and on the strain

New dynamics - visually and on the strain

Siena (italy), 4. September 2008 – the procedure was still a pronounced factual understanding of design. The "new edge design" was very thoughtful, but his clear edges had some static, emotion was hardly printed. Since the introduction of the kinetic design, so since the presentation of the s-max in 2006, the times have changed. As the name says, the new cars are cast in metal cast dynamics. For the new fiesta, this is especially important. Anyone who looks at the slot-like headlamps, the ascending belt line and the two side beads, who involves remembering movement. We have already driven the version with 120 hp gasoline engineers.

20 hp strong 1.6-liters

The seventh generation of the small car is now available with four petrol engineers between 60 and 120 hp and a diesel. How this is so ualic for new model generations, they have become all strong but also more economical. The 1.6-liter gasoline engine did 100 hp so far and spent 6.4 liters per 100 kilometers. The new unit with a camshaft adjustment (ti-vct or twin independent variable cam timing) is gritten nominally with 5.9 liters, but is 120 hp strong – a significant progress.

More economical than the polo

Also in comparison with the competition of vw, the car is fine, because the 15 hp of weaker polo 1.6 consumes 6.7 liters. A savings miracle is the fiesta but not, as a comparison with the much more expensive mini cooper, which requires only 5.4 liters with its 120 hp. The lower sprite consumption of the ford results, among other things, by an increased compression.

Worth the drive with natural gas and autogas?

Worth the drive with natural gas and autogas?

Hannover, 3. September 2008 – since the old round of the first year’s gainful, in which the barrel rohol has risen at times over $ 140, many car houses wonder if there are no alternatives to gasoline and diesel. Although prices on the gas station have again stabilized something, but the fear of further rising fuel prices has become the ideal companion. No wonder that gas-powered cars are rising on rising interest – even with motorists who so far no experiments wanted to make.

Growing offer
thus, according to zulangsstatistik of july 2008, although not even one percent of the sold new cars gas propulsion, but the percentage growth is high – and reconstruction are not even considered. Many handlers have now discovered the conversion to autogas as an interesting additional company, stooped broaches are now often advertising effectively on the counter instead of the drawer. The supply of vehicles, which provide standard gas propulsion, growth: with zafira 1.6 cng ecoflex and the touran ecofuel, for example, offer opel and vw family-friendly compact vans as a natural gas vehicle, only two models amazingly many that the market offers. So far little respected because of the low gas start density, they are now asked for more due to the high energy prices.

The acquisition costs of these natural gas cars are currently equal to those of the economical diesel models. However, your maintenance is significantly cheap. For a consumption of 5.8 kg of natural gas per 100 km, the fuel costs for the touran ecofuel with 80 kw (109 hp), for example, 5.45 euros per 100 km. The almost equal touran tdi bluemotion consumes 5.4 l diesel per 100 km and is therefore 7.56 euros (at present 94 cents for one kg of natural gas and 1.40 euros per liter of diesel). The zafira 1.6 cng ecoflex with 69 kw (94 hp) is still favorable with a consumption of 5 kg of natural gas and thus 4.70 euros per 100 km. The saving will, of course, vary slightly if you do not use the nefz consumption data, but real consumption values – and these hits are known to be strong of driving style and driving profile.

Online: brabus tuning for the mercedes amg

Online: brabus tuning for the mercedes amg

Bottrop, 8. June 2007 – brabus offers a performance enhancement for cars from mercedes amg. Already unusual – a tuner topt the (factory) tuning. But what comes out when colleagues are bidding, you can see the result. The bottropers help the high-rotating 6.3-liter v8 motor with the b-63-s motor tuning to increase performance to 550 hp and to a maximum torque of 650 newton meters. Mercedes offers the 63-amg models currently on the e, s, ml clk, cls and cl series. There, the engines of 481 hp in the clk make up to 525 hp in the s-class and the cl.

Cls two tenths faster

The power syringe does itself the top variants of mercedes still good: with a sprint time of 4.3 seconds on tempo 100 and a tip of 330 km / h, for example, a cls 63 amg achieves rapid performance with b-63-s tuning. The series amg needs 4.5 seconds and is braked at 250 km / h. The ml 63 amg is after the brabus cure in 4.9 seconds on tempo 100 and becomes 275 km / h quickly. The factory counterpart needs 5.0 seconds and is also limited at 250 km / h.

Sports air filter

The 10.615 euro expensive brabus power kit includes a newly programmed engine electronics with special maps for injection and ignition. On the inlet side, a sports air filter for optimized ventilation ensures. High-performance metal catalysts allow the eight-cylinder engine to exhale free and provide for compliance with the euro-4 emission standard.

Lexus lf-lc: sporting study presented in detroit

Lexus lf-lc: sporting study presented in detroit

Detroit (usa), 10. January 2012 – the sports car study lf-lc should show the art design of the brand lexus. The 2 + 2-seater was not designed in japan, but from toyota designburo calty in california newport beach. The premiere is at the north american international auto show (still up to 22. January 2012).

Rough glass roof

Front shows the lf-lc a spindle-shaped boiler grill mask, as it also gets the next gs hybrid. The latter will be relevant in the usa from may 2012 and later offered in europe. The diamond grill is enclosed by an aluminum frame. Front and flanks of the japanese are characterized by striking air intake. Various angles and curves in the body design should convey dynamics. The day-running lights are l-formigen designed, the vertically arranged fog lamps ray through a punk taster. A highlight of the concept car is the glass roof. It is flanked by lugs of polished aluminum. The luminaires on the stern attack the design of the front lamps.

Aligned with the driver

The cockpit is strong driver-oriented shaped. The built-in touchscreen system can be operated by the driver without it for example rejoicing or rejecting. With the pair of 12,3-inch lcd screens – one in the center console, one in the near the driver – can be operated audio system, air conditioning and navigation system. More complex entries are made via a touchscreen keyboard.

Do it yourself

Do it yourself

Munchen, 7. February 2014 – in great britain, you have a long tradition, in the usa you will be loved, in germany you will mostly beauve you mistrust. The speech is from the kit cars, under their often beautiful shell usually simple, but preserved and cheap coarse serial technology works. Kit car means nothing else in german as a kit car and already explains a lot. There are small companies that produce a body from gfk and over the floor group of a production vehicle gauntlets, many also offer self-contired frames and wheel deposits. The buyer acquires the city council from the kit car company and worried the other battered parts such as engine, drive, brakes, etc. From donor vehicles. He then builds the kit car in homework, which matters of course a lot of craftsmanship.

Very popular in the uk

In the uk alone, the high castle of kit cars, doing dozens of such companies, but only a few have brought it to the famousness, such as caterham thanks to the lotus seven. From some kit car manufacturers even defined vehicle manufacturers have emerged, z. B. The story of tvr began in 1947 in the garage of trevor wilkinson in blackpool.

The british tax office raised significantly lower tax rates on kit cars than on production vehicles, which is why it came mainly in the 1950s and 1960s to a boom to kit car providers on the island. However, no assembly instructions were allowed to be included, whereupon lotus simply confessed a disassembly instructions that the monteur had to follow ruckwarts. The rough kit car-ara ended abruptly on 1973, as a coincidence of the eec contributed and the general value added tax introduced. Nevertheless, many companies survived because the customers wanted to have a special car or just had the spab on the screws.

Eu commission: notes on new exhaust tricks

Eu commission: notes on new exhaust tricks

The eu commission has evidence of new exhaust-tricks of european automakers. These could have stated the co2 outstob so that they had to achieve less strict specifications in the long term, it is in one on wednesday (25. July 2018) personal letter of the united states of eu commissioners to the eu states and european parliament representatives. First, the handelsblatt had reported daruber.

The evaluation of the management data from eu countries have shown that the manufacturers could have used the transition phase to the wltp, "overhose their wltp emissions values for 2020," says it in writing. This was driven that 2021 lower emission targets had to be achieved. Which manufacturers of this procedure was found was initially unclear.

Since the wltp goals for 2021 are also the starting point for those of the years 2025 and 2030, "said overhousing, in turn, drove to lower real emission reductions in the target years," said it in writing. This could lead to the fact that the eu co2 savings goals are not achieved. The eu commission proposed in november 2017 that new cars should be cut to 15 percent less carbon dioxide until 2025, until 2030 then 30 percent less

Machnig: additional co2 reduction only with electric cars

The co2 outset of cars can only be lowered beyond the previous eu objectives only with a significantly larger number of electric vehicles. The business state secretar matthias machnig said on tuesday at the presentation of the study "co2 emission reduction for cars and light commercial vehicles after 2020" in brussel: "other significant co2 savings can only be achieved through a wide use of alternative drive technologies."

Even more stringent targets also had to take into account framework conditions such as cost development for batteries or the expansion of the charging infrastructure. Machnig therefore demanded a concept from the eu commission for the period after the year 2020, which also includes measures to demand the electromobility. After the european co2 legislation, a maximum of 130 grams of co2 per kilometer since this year has been cut out, from 2021 to 95 grams are considered highest value. The eu commission examines additional single-saving goals until 2025.

In addition to cars with economical internal combustion engines, the manufacturers also bring electro- or hybrid vehicles to the market in order to achieve the fleet goals. But so far e-cars are expensive, even the lower range and the missing charging infrastructure froged purchasers from: 2014 only 8522 e cars were released in germany – with a total of 3.04 million new cars.

Three new jerking actions at general motors

After harscher criticism about the handling of dangerous lack of the opel parent company general motors (gm) in the usa ordered more than 1.5 million cars in the workshops. "I instructed our team to improve the efforts on our ongoing product conversions," explained gm-boss mary barra on monday in detroit. She promised rapid solutions.

The detroites now started three new backlacks. At 1.18 million railing vehicles, the airbags and belt tensioners can be failed. At 303.000 transporters there are material problems at the dashboard. And nearly 64.000 cadillac limousines can drive a short circuit in the engine compartment to a fire. Opel vehicles are not affected by the renewed random rallies, explained a gm speaker.

Gm is suspected to have a decade for a decade of defective tagging a decade. For more than 1.6 million cars worldwide, the end of the end of the time threatens to jump into the "off" position during the trip. This usually does not just switch off the engine, but also power steering, brake force-winning and airbags. The car maker himself brings between accident dead with the defect in conjunction, consumer protections come on far higher numbers.

Eu commissioner: new exhaust tests until the end of october

Eu commissioner: new exhaust tests until the end of october

Sharpers and more realistic exhaust tests before the inclusion of new vehicles, in europe, according to eu internal market commissioner elzbieta bienkowska are still beginning to begin in october. "Until the end of the month, we will set up new exhaust tests," she said today picture newspaper. It is about measuring the outstool of nitrogen oxides in the actual traffic. "The time of laboratory tests is over."In the scandal to ensure manipulated values of diesel emissions musse vw for transparency, credited bienkowska:" this affare must be fully clarified to increase the confidence of the customers."

Vw brand boss herbert this had informed the eu commissioner at the end of september at the end of september in brussel on the former state of work. Also from associated, environmental protection organizations and politics, there are always louder calls for new test methods, where cars are examined in real driving on the strain instead of the check. The transport ministers of the countries called on the federal government to use themselves at european level for new standards.

In the us, the investigations against the wolfsburg carmaker meanwhile expand. In addition to the investigations of the environment agoda epo and the ministry of justice, the merchant fertc (federal trade commission) is now called the case vw. According to the magazine politico to advertise for the diesel cars designated as "clean diesel". The ftc also confirmed that other media.

Dok-ing xd: croatian electric pot

Dok-ing xd: croatian electric pot

Geneva, 8. Marz 2010 – the croatian company dok-ing rounded in 1991 is actually working primarily with vehicles to remove landmines and construction machinery. At the geneva motor show (4. To 14. Marz 2010) the company dares to be a new terrain. Here shows dok-ing in the environmental exhibition "pavilion vert" an electrically powered microscope named xd.

Only 2.80 meters long, but goals …

The only 2.80 meter long flitzer falls on through airboards. Inside it offers space for three adults, with the driver sitting in the middle in the middle, the other two persons take shake off behind it. The electric drive should allow acceleration from zero to 100 km / h in 7.7 seconds. This is a value that undercut the in the microstar sector only cars like the 160 hp abarth 500 essesse.

Up to 250 kilometers range

Two electric motors with 65 hp drive the car over the front axle, while 300 nm torque are available. The highest speed is set to 130 km / h – accordingly, according to the manufacturer, the best compromise is made of good range and fast progress. At the battery, buyers have the choice between favorable lead batteries and modern lithium iron phosphate store. Last measure after two hours recharge time at the socket after all, a driving distance of 250 kilometers. The electricity costs indicates dok-ing with about one euro to 100 kilometers.