Monetary policy measures arrive in the economy

Monetary policy measures are being implemented in the economy

Ecb tower in frankfurt. Image: maslmaslmasl/cc by-sa-4.0

Statement of ecb and bundesbank to the article "purchase of monsanto financed with tax money"

Telepolis has published an article on 24. The article published in june claims that the purchase of monsanto by bayer ag was financed with taxpayer money. This is wrong, and the european central bank (ecb) and the bundesbank have told the author as much. We explain here what the eurosystem – that is, the ecb and the national central banks – actually has to do with bayer and why we bought corporate bonds:

Online or invisible

Full-text searches, full-text teasers, the attitude of german publishers to open access and a possible future for scientific publishing

While many english-language scientific publishers allow their authors to make articles published in journals available to anyone on an oa server free of charge, german publishers have difficulty with such a practice: an information event organized by the german initiative for network information e.V. (dini recently provided an insight into the attitude of the german publishing scene and gave an opportunity to review the arguments of oa advocates and opponents as well as the intentions of the german research foundation (dfg).

Open access refers to the free accessibility of scientific information and can be achieved in two ways (the color theory of open access): via the self-publishing, the editing of or publishing in scientific journals that can be used free of charge or. Das publizieren von kostenlos nutzbaren wissenschaftlichen monografien, und das self-archiving, the additional making available of articles published in journals of scientific and mostly commercial publishers for free use by readers.

Drive: volkswagen for habilization

Maybe you asked why there is little until no real new information about volkswagen fraud. We have, as probably many other media also, after hearing in the us volkswagen germany asked a few of the many open questions. We even tried to ask a few simple, today in principle well-answered questions, because the meta news about how it stands with the readiness for information. In the following, the communication with volkswagen, which is commented on three places, can form a separate judgment on the basis of which readers can form:

Q: who was the person who at the meeting on 3. September 2015 admon the automatic shutdown device? She could only admit that because she knew it exactly.

A: all aspects are currently being investigated. An external examination was also commissioned to this. Please have a literacy that currently no further statements can be made, who has become aware of the time about individual facts at what time.

Breitscheidplatz: how exactly did the attack happen??

Breitscheidplatz: how exactly did the attack go down?

The christmas market at breitscheidtplatz 2013. Photo: arild vĂ¥gen. License: cc by-sa 3.0

Although more than a year and a half has passed since the truck attack, the federal prosecutor’s office is unable to answer many questions – interview with attack victim andreas schwartz

Twelve people died in the attack on 19. December 2016 at the breitscheidplatz in berlin fell victim, dozens were injured, some seriously, even more traumatized. Der attentater war mit einem sattelschlepper abends um 20 uhr in die menschenmenge des weihnachtsmarktes bei der gedachtniskirche gefahren. Many people were ear and eye witnesses to the crime. Nevertheless, numerous details are still unclear or disputed to this day. Many questions remain unanswered, such as why the perpetrator was apparently able to escape so easily.