On the gender ticket to the part-time paradise

On the gender ticket to part-time paradise

Surprising result of the workshop: 78% of the municipal managers recommend "part-time work". 11 percent advise "neither nor". What this is, however, is not explained.

The city of munich employs 555 part-time workers, telepolis has spoken one of them

Thursday, 9:15 a.M., call to the press spokeswoman of the personnel department of the city of munich, ms. Isolde schwarz-krieger. Answering machine. Too bad, because i wanted to ask her about a report that personnel officer dr. Thomas bohle gave to the city council one day earlier. The suddeutsche had with the headline "a break from being boss" in the local section my interest in this report about the success of part-time work for managers in the administration aroused.

Contempt of court

Lynch mobs, the death penalty, and torture in the us military: a history

The us military tortures. Will that help us find the truth? Even more surprising than the torture itself is the pride that the torturers seem to take in it. In the photos they upload, they smile for the camera as though they were on family vacation.

Contempt of court

In an e-mail to the author, us historian michael pfeifer defines "rough justice" as part of american culture, as "harsh and ritualistic punishment that satisfies collective prerogatives regardless of legal niceties […] from the death penalty to the degrading and ritualistic punishment administered by some american military personnel at abu ghraib and elsewhere"

Edit policy: article 17 in eu copyright before ecj – a possible pyrrhic victory

Edit policy: article 17 in eu copyright before the eugh - a possible pyrrhic victory

If the advocate general of the european court of justice has his way, poland’s lawsuit against the eu copyright directive’s controversial article 17 will fail. But the advocate general’s interpretation of the upload filter clause is so far removed from the views of the entertainment industry that it can hardly consider the opinion an unqualified success. If the court follows the interpretation of the advocate general, some platforms like youtube would even have to limit the voluntary use of upload filters so far.

Shortly after the reform was passed two years ago, the polish government filed a lawsuit claiming that the mandatory use of upload filters violated the essence of the right to freedom of expression. Last thursday, the advocate general published his closing arguments in the case, which are not legally binding but in many cases form the basis for the court’s ruling. This is expected in a few months.

Filters allowed under strict conditions

First of all, the advocate general clears up a number of allegations that have stirred up tempers during the copyright reform process. He quickly brushes aside the argument that article 17 does not lead to the mandatory use of upload filters because they are not in the text. He said he could "hard to imagine how platforms could comply with their obligations under article 17 other than using an" platforms to fulfill their obligations under article 17. This is what critics of the law have been saying for years. Nevertheless, during the european election campaign, the cdu promised to implement the law in german law without an upload filter. In the spring, it had to admit that it had not found a way to do so.

If necessary also actively against the policy of the governing ones

France: the "marriage for all" as a special sting that brings the mobilization readiness of conservative circles out of its latency state

France is the ninth country in the european union, and the fourteenth in the world, to open marriage to homosexual couples, a few days after new zealand. Just like heterosexuals, they now have the choice between living together without a marriage certificate, a registered partnership in the form of a contract – introduced in 1999 under the abbreviation pacs – and the possibility of getting married.

For all others, apart from the affected same-sex couples, nothing changes at all. At first glance, it is all the more astonishing to see the massive reaction that the reform has provoked, from the announcement of the legislative initiative in october to the recent adoption of the text and probably beyond. The demonstrations, on the other hand, attracted at least several hundred thousand participants, their organizers even claim: millions. In any case, considerably more than the trade union and social protest demonstrations in the same period, although there were plenty of occasions for the latter.

First came the worm, then the fbi

Does the fbi want the data stolen by the badtrans worm?

At the end of november this year, the nasty badtrans worm was running rampant, logging keystrokes if the title of the current window contained certain letter combinations (z. B. Pas) began. The heise-newsticker reported in detail about the little beast.

The data was stored on the local hard disk as c:\windows\system\cp_25389.Nls stored, but at the same time also sent by e-mail to several different addresses. One of them was [email protected], a free e-mail forwarder. There, after the successful start-up of badtrans, more than 100 e-mails per minute with logged keyboard data arrived at. The data of more than 100.000 spied computers ended up with the operator of ijustgotfired.Com, the provider monkeybrains.

Downsizing – that does not work!

Downsizing - that does not work!

Decrease, slim, less for money, minimal car – with trabbi and cafe you could also get from a to b. Does that want someone? And can anyone want in the country of premium car manufacturers?

But, of course we want that – at least we want to worsen all more economical, more efficient motorizations – but not with the blemish, to worsen something to something less, to worsen us. The growth of the vehicles themselves, so the always coarse new models in each class, is an indication of that. If a new car, then it should have a little more space and comfort, a few horsepower, have a little new electronics wrapper.

That certain "more"

I can not decide whether the automakers have took us to follow us so or if they follow them only a low in the buyer-rooted wish. In any case, the mechanism has worked in perfectly from the first car. And so i have a full understanding of it that a v6 fan first warbs the face, if someone might make the same car with the same strong 4-cylinder engine instead of the same car. As a rule, he first thinks of growling compressors or fiders turbochargers and at a roughly crushed aggregate to the attack, which is the internal agitator. And exactly such an acceptance creates a term like downsizing too.

A directorate for the eu?

The inclusion of great britain did not expand the franco-german axis, but destroyed it

"The berlin summit is an outgrowth of national interests", rumbled the italian minister of foreign affairs, franco frattini, when on 18 september the. Gerhard schroder, jacques chirac and tony blair met in the german capital on february 18. In the small eu member states one spoke of the conference of a directorate.

This was not meant as a compliment to democratic maturity either. The directory was one of the numerous dictatorships during the turmoil after the french revolution of 1789. The five-headed body, constituted in 1795, consisted mainly of men who had ended the so-called reign of terror the year before and had put its leader, robespierre, under the guillotine. Now, although there was less bloodshed, there was also more arbitrary rule than before: the grassroots chaos of the jacobin clubs was replaced by the clear directives of the board of directors. What had actually remained of the power of the people that was supposed to replace the rule of the king??